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Our Story

Audistah was created in the heart of New York by Ardita Berisha. Growing up around her late aunt Lourdes, a seamstress, Ardita dreamt to follow in her aunt's footsteps and one day design her own pieces that would represent a wide range of women.

With the belief that all women should feel beautiful, strong, and sexy in their own skin, Ardita applied the lessons passed down from her aunt to create a brand of her own.

To have come from a culture that's filled with vibrant colors, music, and high energy, Ardita used her Latin roots and her aunts trade to incorporate bold prints, vibrant colors, and use luxe fabrics in order to create her range of fun but sexy pieces for the everyday woman.

Since the inception of Audistah, Ardita and her family have been able to honor both her aunts legacy and our modern-day women. Through promoting positive, inclusive messaging, and embracing a woman's sensuality, femininity, and sexiness through our swimwear collection.

Ardita x Lourdes (2000)

Our Mission

What Sets Us Apart

Audistah evokes beauty and empowers women across the globe. We believe in access to luxury and beautiful swimwear for sensible pricing. Inspired by the past and rich Latin culture, every piece made is designed with the best of the 80s and 90s in mind. With vibrant hues carefully curated, our love for bold custom prints, luxe fabric, and flattering cut is reflected throughout our collection(s).

Audistah stresses the importance in not only representing women from different backgrounds, but along with women of various shapes and sizes. 

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